Advanced Analytics


Advanced Analytics is a set of interactive Dashboards that provide actionable information using data captured in GentisTrac. Review the sample Dashboards by clicking along the ribbon at the top of the page. Using the date slider, clicking on filters (found along the right panel of some dashboards) and selecting drill down “actions” embedded in the visualizations will allow for deeper exploration about what is happening with the workforce.

Employee Relations Investigations


GentisTrac facilitates the gathering of information associated with employee investigations. From this screen an investigator can log witnesses to interview and capture their comments. A .pdf of the investigation can be generated and, should corrective action be appropriate, the disciplinary data entry screen can be accessed with a mouse click.


Missed Time Tracking


Similar to employee incident tracking, GentisTrac’s missed time tracking begins with supervisory staff and their iOS device or web browser. Supervisors log missed time hours, category (e.g. no call no show, late, left early, FMLA, Vacation etc.) dates and comments. At the organization’s discretion, supervisory notifications consistent with attendance policy can be developed as can email notification workflows (e.g. HR is notified if a “no call no show” is logged). As missed time incidents are logged, HR or other managers can monitor, in real time, a 12 month summary of missed time incidents and hours missed.



Employee Incident Tracking


GentisTrac is designed to be used by Human Resources and supervisory staff. Employee incident tracking begins with supervisors tracking positive and negative employee incidents using an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) or a web browser. Supervisors track incident type, reporting employee, incident date/time and comments and can indicate if a conversation with the employee followed the incident. GentisTrac advanced analytics allows the organization to understand what kinds of incidents are occurring and to what extent individual supervisors are engaging with their team. Problematic incidents (workplace violence, bullying, racial incidents, sexual harassment, retaliation etc.) entered will result in the supervisor being reminded to report the matter to HR. At the client’s discretion, custom workflow email notifications can also be included. Ability to track positive interactions holds the potential to reward an engaged supervisory staff and build organizational trust.