Required Training and Documents

Ensuring that employees are receiving required training and completing required documents is are critical in a compliance and performance context. GentisTrac provides the capability to:

Performance Review


GentisTrac allows an organization to:

  • build custom performance review templates for different employee groups and times in the review cycle. This capability includes weighing and category assignment for  up to 12 performance indicators.
  • present a simple performance review data entry form for Supervisory personnel. See below – Supervisor simply selects employee and evaluation type from dropdown menus and assigns score (in yellow).
  • present a option for printing a performance review document for presentation to the employee. Prior to printing, the Supervisor is prompted with a customizable message – which is helpful in ensuring the review process is correctly followed.


Talent Review


GentisTrac provides the functionality to easily create Talent Review reports. Such reports allow the organization to compare employees in similar statuses (e.g. HIPO, Director Level, Supervisory) and across departmental lines. Talent review sessions are used by many organizations for succession planning and other strategic people processes.

Below is the Employee Talent Review Data Entry Screen.



Accountability Profile

GentisTrac provides the functionality of generating a .pdf of accountabilities for any employee. This includes duties from employee’s Job Description, Supervisor assigned duties and assigned duties associated with corporate goals and initiatives.


GentisTrac__PCI21_WebbAccountability Profile