Custom Business Solutions

Does your organization struggle with inefficient processes centered around paper-based forms and/or disjointed MS Excel spreadsheets?  Is your data scattered in various locations (paper, spreadsheets, disparate systems) such that understanding your business is increasingly difficult? Is the security of your data a growing organizational concern for which you have no workable solution? Are external off-the-shelf solutions that you have considered in the past “way to much” – forcing you to pay for functionality you really don’t want and will never use?

Leveraging the FileMaker rapid application development platform, McDonnell & Associates will deliver custom, encrypted solutions reflecting your particular business requirements and your plans for growth. We can then arrange for turn-key hosting of your custom applications in the cloud – accessible using a range of clients including browsers and mobile devices. With your data now centralized and rationalized, we can assist with development of critical reporting structures of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – including interactive data visualization dashboards. As your business grows and changes, your solution can do the same.

Our work is guaranteed and our fees are reasonable. Let us help you transform your business … Call or email for a free consultation: